[CQ-Contest] Callsign Database (.DTA) Files

k8cc k8cc at mediaone.net
Fri Sep 28 01:00:31 EDT 2001

For many years, Jim, AD1C has compiled callsign database files (.DTA) for 
use with CT, NA, TR, and possibly other contest logging programs.  After 
doing this for a long time, Jim looked to pass on the responsibility for 
this noble task to someone else.

Tim Mitchell, K9TM and I have stepped into Jim's shoes to compile and 
publish a set of callsign database files for the contest community.  We 
intend to support the task as Jim did it, releasing prior to CQWW SSB a set 
of databases for all callsigns, DX only and stateside only.  We also will 
not "pre-load" a callsign for an upcoming contest.

We have two requests from the contesting community.

First, we need logs from which to extract callsigns to create the 
databases.  We are looking for logs from the major contests over the past 
twelve months - this would include 2000 CQWW SSB through the September 2001 
contests.  We are not particularly interested in Field Day logs because 
many of the callsigns are club calls which only appear on Field Day.

K8CC will be the collection point for logs at the e-mail address 
k8cc at mediaone.net while K9TM will manage and create the databases.  Please 
keep in mind this is a regular e-mail account with a 10 MB limit.  Please 
only send logs from the major contests from your station (i.e., don't pack 
up 20 sets of logs in one big file).  Please ZIP the files if you are 
able.  I will keep the e-mail account cleaned out to avoid bounces.  We 
need these logs by October 8, 2001 and plan to publish the files no later 
than October 15, 2001.

Second, if you are a contest logging software provider and would like to 
include the .DTA files with your product, please send an e-mail to K8CC to 
be put on our distribution list.


Dave Pruett, K8CC
Tim Mitchell, K9TM

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