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> I would like to stack the following antennas on a single mast but need 
>  regarding stacking order and the closest spacing I can get away with.

    Perhaps a better venue would be TowerTalk where we talk about tower and 
HF antenna construction projects. Lots of knowledgeable folks on there. 
Subscribe info on request. There's also a Force 12 reflector for specific F12 
>  Force12 antennas
>  Strike Force 4BA - 10 through 17 meters on one 24' boom
>  Magnum 520 - 5el 20 meter on 36' boom
>  EF-340 / EF-230  -  custom 3el 40 meter / 2el 30 meter on one 30' boom

    Nonetheless the F12 factory wants 12 foot spacing between the 40 and 15M 
antennas. So your stack from the top down will be 4BA, 520 and EF340 with at 
least 12 feet between the top and bottom antennas. Better contact your buddy 
K5RC for a decent mast. 

Cheers,    Steve    K7LXC
Tower Tech 

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