[CQ-Contest] On-Off time calculator

Bill Turner w7ti at dslextreme.com
Fri Sep 28 11:00:33 EDT 2001

For those who wish to keep track of operating time during a contest,
VE6YR, W8UE and I have created the Time Calculator Spreadsheet.  It is
completely free.  Version 4.0 can be downloaded from:


This is an Excel spreadsheet, not a standalone program.  It requires
that you already have Microsoft Excel on your computer.  It is in .zip
format, so you must have WinZip or another program to unzip it.  If you
don't have WinZip, email me and I will email you a regular .xls file.

The spreadsheet is useful for contests which have a limited operating
time within a longer contest period, such as ARRL Sweepstakes and many
others.  You'll find it is much easier than trying to track time with
paper and pencil.

NOTE:  This weekend's RTTY contest does NOT require timekeeping, so this
might be a good contest to practice on.

If you have suggestions for improvements, I'm always glad to hear them.


73, Bill W7TI

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