[CQ-Contest] eQSL problem option - ALL INCLUSIVE

Kele YT3T yt3t at absolutok.net
Fri Apr 5 20:17:28 EST 2002

For those who do not have time to go through all the troubles of having
their cards received at other end:

Outgoing QSL Bureau located in Belgrade, Serbia, and managed by YU1AO and
YT1WW is offering the following service:

(1) Full color prints, excellent quality, low prices. Simple one or two
color prints available too. Nothing printed unless you authorize it.

(2) Once printed, the cards will be filled according to your data submitted
by email, FOR FREE (Yes, we/ve done it already for SKY CC Team members).

(3) Once filled, the cards will be shipped to ww bureaus and managers at
rates equal to those at your QTH ($8 for 400 cards in USA?)

YT1WW is managing YU QSL bureau for more than 20 years.
YU1AO is designing and printing (nice) cards for more than 20 years, and
of you like them.

Isn't this cheap?
Time saving, ink saving, and with cheaper cards even money saving.


email to yt3t at absolutok.net

(QSLing is excellent marketing strategy for your next contest score)

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