[CQ-Contest] 2 problems I see with eQSL

Jamie WW3S jtolbert at gremlan.org
Fri Apr 5 19:18:18 EST 2002

I have not been very active with eQSL but had over 600 qsls in my in-box so
I just uploaded my log (about 38,000 qsos in ADIF) to eQSL and surprisingly
only a small amount "matched" what was in my inbox. This means they must be
entered manually to confirm. Two problems I saw was a slight mis-match in
time. EX: I logged at 1923 but other station logged at 1924, this gets
bounced. Bigger problem was they have the contest exchange in the exchanged
field and apparently my programs wont export that so the card in my in-box
displays 599 513 where mine just has 599; again this gets bounced. I'd love
to be able to confirm these 500+ qsos without manually searching the log and
then adding it to my eQSL log but I just don't have the time. You would
think there would be a +/- parameter that could be set so if within "X"
minutes do an auto-confirm.....


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