[CQ-Contest] Are you a WPX Plaque Sponsor?

Shelby Summerville k4ww at arrl.net
Thu Apr 18 07:32:54 EDT 2002

AA4NC at aol.com wrote, in response to W4AN: "I feel lucky to even get a paper
certificate from a CQ contest!"

Yes I am a WPX RTTY Plaque sponsor! Having never been fortunate enough to
have won a plaque, obviously I haven't received one! I have received a few
certificates, and none of them were received in less than a year from the
particular contest! I'm more concerned with the omission of my log for 2001
WPX without any explanation or response from the contest manager? In almost
every contest, I read in the soapbox comments "how much fun was had"! While
I agree 100% with "if the awards are going to be advertised, they should be
provided", if y'all are in CQ sponsored contest(s) for the fun, why are
y'all concerned about the awards? There are far too many reasons as to the
delay or non-receipt of advertised contest award(s), but, IMHO, the primary
reason is "too much for too few with too little"! From what little I know
about the CQ award(s) program, it is a "bureaucratic nightmare", of which I
want no part of! Maybe the time has come for CQ to "fess up" and admit that
they will no longer provide ANY contest(s) awards? After all, "don't we
enter just for the fun of it"?
C'Ya, Shelby - K4WW

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