[CQ-Contest] TR vs. WL

jljarvis jljarvis at adelphia.net
Mon Apr 22 15:24:56 EDT 2002

I need to clarify something....regarding my TR vs. WriteLog post,
and W1MOO Field Day.  KK1L, our TR maven, observed that the networking
issues were identical for either program...and he's right.

Beyond that, I offer the following quotation:

“Last year we might have lost 50Qs, but it was because the CW tent "HAD"
to run on windows laptops with all kinds of extra stuff. Booting
it back up required the owner to be there to have it done correctly. The
bottom line though is you cannot turn off a networked computer when you go
home for the night!! The other machines were "clean boots" and worked fine
(nor were they turned off!!)."

Ron is CORRECT; I stand chastened.  TR is a slick program.  I own it, as
well as Writelog.  At the root of it, I guess, is whether one is a windows
nazi or not.  (This is the point at which Linux fans should jump in...)

I personally don’t care what program is running, so long as there are
stick-on labels on the FN keys.  My sense is, WL may be easier to implement
the network connection than TR, for the uninitiated or casual user.  Once
one is proficient in TR’s setup, I believe it’s essentially a wash.

In rethinking last year’s problem...Ron is absolutely right.  It WAS
specifically due to one laptop, which had gone into screen blanked,
system sleep mode....where a casual visitor couldn’t tell if it was
sleeping or powered off.  Hitting the power switch didn’t wake it up...
it turned it off.  The other laptop in that tent was in the sleep mode,
but hitting its power switch DID wake it up.

Message:  set all computers power control options to “never”...and keep the
power on, if you’re going to network.

73, Jim, n2ea

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