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I'm passing this along so you will be aware of this possibility . . .

For the past four or five years when I operated in contests, I got blurred 
vision.  Not just blurry vision but vision that is seriously blurred -- to 
the extent that it would be dangerous to operate a car, which I have 
done.  About a month ago I was diagnosed as having glaucoma.  This week I 
learned that I have intermittent acute angle glaucoma.  The onset is caused 
by dilated pupils.  When the pupils are dilated for long periods of time, 
like when I'm sitting in a fairly dark room in front of radios, pressure 
builds in my eyes and blurred vision results.

The good news is that it can be fixed.  In fact the kind that I have is the 
only form of glaucoma that can be fixed.  The eye doc fixed the right eye 
yesterday with a laser and will treat the left eye on Friday.  This is a 
rare condition, but if you get seriously blurred vision when you contest 
for long periods of time you might want have your eyes checked by an 
ophthalmologist.  In fact it isn't a bad idea anyway.



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