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> On 24 Apr 02, at 10:06, Bob, N5RP wrote:
> > At 09:45 4/24/2002 -0400, Bill Fisher, W4AN wrote:
> > >I'm passing this along so you will be aware of this possibility . . .
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> > >For the past four or five years when I operated in contests, I got
> > >blurred vision.
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> > Yes, as Bill mentions, the torture on the eyes from hamming in front
> > of computers presents some real dangers and problems to our aging
> > community.
> > 
> > I've done some research on this very problem for my own benefit, and
> > my wife, for my benefit, has done some looking around for information
> > on the subject, as well.
> > 
> > Before I dare get in trouble for "impersonating" a professional by
> > mentioning what I came to discover on the subject, are there any
> > professionals out there in the commercial interior design or medical
> > arena that might wish to comment on the ergonomics of a properly
> > designed station layout as it applies to eye strain and eye damage to
> > our aging contest community? . Bob Perring
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> Ergonomics of computer use - nothing earth-shattering here. The 
> monitor should be at eye level, not above. This is more to prevent 
> neck problems than eye problems.  The focusing muscles in the 
> eyes contract to focus close up, such as on a monitor.  This does 
> no harm, but may lead to "eyestrain" or headache.  The focusing 
> muscles relax to their resting state when you look across the room 
> - not a bad idea to do this periodically. If you are over 40-45, and 
> you don't wear glasses, you probably will need them for extended 
> close work.  If you do wear glasses already for distance, you 
> probably will need correction for close work.
> Glaucoma - Glaucoma is a disease of optic nerve damage that can 
> lead to blindness without treatment.  There are many kinds of 
> glaucoma. The most common type is open-angle glaucoma 
> (90+%). It is slowly progressive over months to years. In its early 
> stages, it is usually without symptoms.  By the time you notice a 
> "blind spot" in your vision, about 90% of your field of vision is gone 
> and cannot be recovered.  It is usually treated with eye drops, 
> sometimes with laser, sometimes with surgery. 
> Narrow (or closed) angle glaucoma is much less common, but is a 
> medical emergency, often leading to blindness within a few days, if 
> not treated.  Symptoms may include pain, redness, blurry vision 
> and headache. It most often occurs in dim lighting, such as movie 
> theaters and ham shacks. The "glaucoma attack" may be initially 
> treated with medication, then followed by laser, which is usually 
> curative.
> 2% of Americans of European descent have glaucoma. 10% of 
> Americans of African descent have glaucoma.  It often runs in 
> families, but not necessarily.  
> If you are over 40, have your eyes examined every 2 years, even if 
> you have no problems with them. If you are diabetic, make that 
> every year.
> 73,
> Dr. Barry, W2UP
> Disclaimer - I am an ophthalmologist licensed to practice medicine 
> in PA and NJ.  This e-mail is general information only and should 
> not be interpreted as medical advice or the practice of medicine.
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