[CQ-Contest] Your thoughts on this one

Gary Ferdinand W2CS w2cs at bellsouth.net
Sun Dec 1 07:31:36 EST 2002

I think I'd be inclinded to cut them some slack if..

1. I thought it unlikely they were competing for any awards (ie it wouldn't
hurt someone else)

2. I did some minor investigation and satified myself that the situation was
genuine.  If you really worked 'em, you're only filling in lost data,
nothing else.

...but I'm feeling in a Santa Claus mood today :-)


Gary W2CS
Apex, NC

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> I received the following email today.  What would you guys
> do?......Names and
> calls changed to protect the innocent.
> Subj:    Phone Sweepstakes
> Date:   11/30/02 8:27:30 PM Greenwich Standard Time
> Hi...
>    We need your help.
>     During the recent ARRL Phone Sweepstakes you made contact with the
> XYZ Radio Club, Jr located near Anytown.
>     XYZ is an amateur radio club just for kids and we had the
> pleasure of making a contact with you using our club call: W1XYZ   We
> had six kids ranging in age from 7 through 14 yrs old participating in
> the contest.  The kids made most of the contacts and did most of the
> logging until they crashed around 0300 local.  They picked back up
> around 0700.
> Unfortunately, due to youthful handwriting, a cranky laptop and old
> technology, we lost several entries from the contest.  We have recovered
> most of the "lost" information but a few still need a few holes filled.
>  In most cases the only thing we're missing are the serial numbers from
> the exchange.
> Can you confirm our contact and the serial number you provided to us?
> Thanks much.
> This was the first real contest for XYZ and the kids set some
> challenging goals for themselves:  WAS and a clean sweep.  They just
> missed both because they never heard Nevada.
> Hope to work you next year.
> 73 de W1XYZ
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