[CQ-Contest] Re: Short contest calls.

K4SB hamcat at directvinternet.com
Tue Dec 3 22:36:56 EST 2002

"Leigh S. Jones" wrote:
> Now a mechanism exists, but it is inadequate and quite costly.
> Some one with a nice 4 letter callsign who changes call districts
> will be faced with the choice of keeping his old callsign or paying
> hundreds of dollars in a gamble with hopes of getting a new callsign
> that has equivalent ease of use, but more likely he'll get a clinker.

Well guys, you would be amazed at the number of 1x2s which are
available right now,
and with the method I have used for about 4 guys in the last 6 months,
about $25 for 
FEDEX does the trick, excluding the vanity fee of course.


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