[CQ-Contest] Your thoughts on this one

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I'd tell them "Sorry I can't do that. It specifically violates the rules of
the contest." He obviously is planning to submit an entry or correcting the
information wouldn't matter. If he is interested in teaching his youth group
proper moral values, one thing he definitely needs to do is teach them not
to cheat! Misfortune is something one has to learn to deal with in life, and
breaking the rules (or the law!) isn't the right way.

Alan NS0B

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> I received the following email today.  What would you guys do?......Names
> calls changed to protect the innocent.
> Subj:    Phone Sweepstakes
> Date:   11/30/02 8:27:30 PM Greenwich Standard Time
> Hi...
>    We need your help.
>     During the recent ARRL Phone Sweepstakes you made contact with the
> XYZ Radio Club, Jr located near Anytown.
>     XYZ is an amateur radio club just for kids and we had the
> pleasure of making a contact with you using our club call: W1XYZ   We
> had six kids ranging in age from 7 through 14 yrs old participating in
> the contest.  The kids made most of the contacts and did most of the
> logging until they crashed around 0300 local.  They picked back up
> around 0700.
> Unfortunately, due to youthful handwriting, a cranky laptop and old
> technology, we lost several entries from the contest.  We have recovered
> most of the "lost" information but a few still need a few holes filled.
>  In most cases the only thing we're missing are the serial numbers from
> the exchange.
> Can you confirm our contact and the serial number you provided to us?
> Thanks much.
> This was the first real contest for XYZ and the kids set some
> challenging goals for themselves:  WAS and a clean sweep.  They just
> missed both because they never heard Nevada.
> Hope to work you next year.
> 73 de W1XYZ
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