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> I received the following email today.  What would you guys do?......Names
> calls changed to protect the innocent.
Hi Bert,

Well, this is not a national security issue, that's for sure...

Seriously though, I would first check the QSO. If the Q is there,
you have two choices.

1. Say no.

2. Say yes and confirm the QSO.

The problem here is that confirming the QSO is probably
against the rules, but this is not an issue that will skew the results
is it? If it is, it becomes more important.

Since the ARRL is trying to generate more participation in SS, and
because these small operations are exactly the ones we want to encourage,
I would probably confirm the QSO and move on.

The information you provided tends to make me think that this
request is legitimate and when working with kids, anything can
happen. So in the spirit of good sportsmanship I would provide
the information asked for and congratulate them on trying SS in
the first place.

That way, they will probably be in SS again next year and that's
what we want isn't it?

73 Gary WG7X

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