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> Talking about US calls, can you people explain this to me, it?s
> been puzzling me for years.
> There is a K6 guy operating from KH6, he doesn?t sign /KH6
> or KH6/ just his K6 and two letter suffix. I have asked him on
> the air and he says it?s perfectly right. How can it be?? Does
> not seem to follow international regulations which also are signed
> by the USA.

Since Hawaii is part of the USA, the FCC doesn't care about exactly where in 
the USA the guy is, just that they could trace him down if they needed to.

The ARRL DX contest rules do take care of this problem, with:

6.1. Your call sign must indicate your DXCC station location (KH6XYZ/W1 in 
Maine, KG4/W1INF at Guantanamo Bay, etc). 

I thought CQWW also had a rule like this, but I couldn't find it in the most 
recent CQWW contest announcement.

73  -  Jim  K8MR

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