[CQ-Contest] Your thoughts on this one

K4SB hamcat at directvinternet.com
Sun Dec 1 20:25:31 EST 2002

In all honesty, would we be doing the "kids" a favor by supplying

1. It's against the rules, and in reality, cheating.

2. It doesn't teach them anything, and as someone pointed out,
actually can do harm.

3. It's a very young age to learn these lessons, but will benefit them
in the long run.

Boy, do I ever envy them their age. If the excitement of this hobby is
truly in their minds and hearts, they've got many decades to go, and
suggesting they deserve a break because of their age will only hurt


PS If this is correct behavior, would all of you send me an email
detailing out Q in the 160 this weekend, and I'll just sleep. Oh yes,
DX should especially follow this request.

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