[CQ-Contest] Split Frequency in Contests?

Tadej Mezek, S51TA s51ta at volja.net
Sun Dec 1 16:22:24 EST 2002

I agree with you David,

I think another reason for complain is that we are not used on split
operation during the contest. It happened two times to me during cqww cw
that I found new mult on my 2nd vfo of the radio and then after some time I
realised he is working split, so  if I wanted to make that qso I was must to
quit the run frequency, catch the DX for 5min and after that, I lose the run
frequency.......that is for SO SB operation, SO2R is easier. I was angry at
that time. But as the cndx and all other things during the contest are the
same for all participants it is OK

One advice for contest split ops; try to use RIT on your radio and put it a
little higher or lower than your xmit freq and you can work just fine.......

Ted, s51ta

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> Well, unfortunately some operators are not quite as skilled as those at
> xt2dx and hc8n.  And not everyone has as good a signal as those guys do.
> Both of those problems make working split easier.  Not only does it let
> them sort the pileup a bit easier, but if they are not quick at coming
> back after each qrz it keeps the pileup from running away with itself
> because they can't hear the dx station come back when they finally pick
> out a call.
> The reason pileups for stations like hc8n don't get out of hand is that
> the operators come back quickly and consistently.  When the dx does this
> there is no reason for calling stations to get into the "send your call
> 10 times and then wait to see if the pileup lets up enough to hear the
> dx come back, then send it 10 more times before listening again" mode.
> Stations that can't handle the pileups simplex should probably try to
> move up and out of the busier parts of the band so that their tx
> frequency doesn't get overrun prompting the frequency police to
> congregate, and also so their pileup doesn't disrupt lots of other
> stations.  Someone trying to do this at 14005 listing up 5-10 during a
> contest is probably not playing nice, or doesn't realize what they have
> done... but if they went to 14120 (for example) and listened up 5-10
> they would probably be more successful and not raise as many complaints.
> (except maybe from digital ops)
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> >
> > I think for the first time last weekend I heard contest stations
> working
> > split. They were not exactly exotic or rare prefixes so why the split
> > operation?  Others like XT2DX and HC8N had huge pile-ups but always
> > managed
> > to skilfully work their way through.
> > Is this to do with the calibre of the operator or a ploy to spread out
> the
> > callers and have an operator work the stations and another 'tee' up
> the
> > next
> > QSO? Muscle substituting for skill?
> > Whatever the reason, many times over the weekend I heard chunks of the
> > band
> > rendered useless by this practice and felt sorry for the stations who
> had
> > been running on the previously clear frequency and then being drowned
> > under
> > a sea of callsigns. I would rather  take my 'little
> > pistols' chances in the pile-up and if it's too busy try again later.
> > That's what makes it fun!
> > Jim   MM0BQI
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