[CQ-Contest] Split Frequency in Contests?

James Neiger n6tj at sbcglobal.net
Sun Dec 1 13:58:21 EST 2002

Blake, sometimes the pileup is SO BIG (generally transceive on SSB), the
ONLY way to work anyone is by the numbers.  It's not by choice, but by
necessity.  It can easily happen when you go split too, but  I personally do
not subscribe to taking out big chunks of the band when I'm running a
pileup.  If I can't do it in say plus or minus 3 KHz, I'll probably just QSY
and start over.

If a multiplier, or anyone else for that matter, doesn't (1) like it, or (2)
doesn't wish to wait their turn, then they only need spin the dial.

On the DX end of the wire, it is (and should be) pretty much their show.  I
always encourage those who think they can do it better to come out and show
us 'how to do it'.

Vy 73

Jim Neiger N6TJ/ZD8Z (next week and ARRL 10)

p.s. HELPFUL HINT:  For those who thought they worked ZD8Z last weekend, I
wasn't there.  I understand it was reported on some packet spots.  Most
likely my crony ZD8A or ZZ8Z. Good luck on figuring out which........

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> > Whatever the reason, many times over the weekend I heard chunks of the
> band
> > rendered useless by this practice
> You're not alone, Jim.  In addition, let me bring up another insane
> regarding the stations I heard running pileups "by numbers" during the
> contest.
> If a new multiplier tunes in, but he's not the "right" number at that
> do those "by numbers" ops think the multiplier is going to patiently wait
> till he is???
> NO.
> Perhaps they had already worked every mult on every band at that point?
> 73,
> Blake N4GI
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