[CQ-Contest] Mobile antenna question

W0UN--John Brosnahan shr at ricc.net
Tue Dec 3 08:56:50 EST 2002


First thing to do when you have a question about any commercial
product is to check it out on the Reviews section of eham.


Lots of extensive reviews--as well as info on contacting the company.

Here is the page on the Tarheel mobile antenna--


The antenna has gotten excellent reviews--a total of 40 reviews
with an average of 5.0 out of 5.  Although the last review (4.9) cited an
icing issue.

You'll get much more information on eham than by just asking for
comments on the reflector--especially a reflector dedicated to
contesting and not to mobile antennas.  The info can keep you busy
for some time reading all of the comments.  And it can be entertaining
just reading through the comments on many different products--even
ones you may not be planning on buying any time soon.

73--John  W0UN

At 11:35 PM 12/2/2002 -0600, Ken Cechura wrote:

>A buddy of mine's XYL just emailed me asking about Tarheel antennas....
>Something about christmas coming up soon....
>  If anyone has anything good or bad to say about them....and especially
>how and where to get them, can you please email me direct?
>        Kenneth R. Cechura, KC9UMR
>       University of Missouri-Rolla
>   Department Of Electrical Engineering
>      President, 2002, W0EEE, UMR ARC
>         email: kcechura at umr.edu
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