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The point is probably a BFO (Blinding Flash of the Obvious) to serious SO2R
operators, but I hadn't realized the importance of it a priori.

As indicated, the key issue was audio switching.  Specifically, my set up
allowed either (1) both headphones to be on the RUN radio (mono) or (2)
stereo, with one headset per rig.   Multiplier hunting was done in stereo
with the run radio sidetone in one ear and the second radio in the other.
While I had used that with some success from the states for years, at 200
per hour I found the sidetone to be a major distraction to concentrating on
the multiplier radio.

By contrast, at least one of the commercial SO2R boxes (including one Jose
was using) switches both headphones to the MULTIPLIER radio while the RUN
radio is transmitting, allowing full concentration on the multiplier radio.
When the run radio stops transmitting, headphones are switched to (optional)
stereo or mono on the run radio.

"It's a poor craftsman who blames his tools," and there's also a significant
skill level involved in either set up.  I'm sure some are able to listen
effectively in stereo at high rates just as W4KFC could send CW with his
right hand and log with his left.  I'm not there, but that's the source of
my optimism as well as my mandate for practice.


Scott K0DQ / A92Q / P40Q

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From: "Scott Redd" <redd at analog.org>
> However, Jose graciously sat down with me Monday night and ran through how
> he
> does SO2R.  Having "done" SO2R from the states in 70's and 80's, I thought
> knew how to do it.  But doing it at 180-200 per hour rates from DX is a
> different ball game.  In particular, my homemade audio switching doesn't
> hack
> it.  Now, thanks to Jose's tutorial, I can see my way forward to more
> improvement and a shot at the win.  Hope springs eternal and wait 'til
> year.

Congrats with the great score Scott. Any chance for us to learn a bit more
in details about the Jose's tutorial?


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