[CQ-Contest] RE: CQ-Contest digest, Vol 1 #523 - 15 msgs

Dale L Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Tue Dec 3 21:01:43 EST 2002

> By contrast, at least one of the commercial SO2R boxes (including one Jose
> was using) switches both headphones to the MULTIPLIER radio while the RUN
> radio is transmitting, allowing full concentration on the
> multiplier radio.
> When the run radio stops transmitting, headphones are switched to
> (optional)
> stereo or mono on the run radio.

Can't one just turn down the run radio sidetone to where it is barely

I was going to rewire my homebrew SO2R box to do the switching while
transmitting bit, but then I realized I could just adjust the sidetone
downwards and just listen to the mult/S&P radio with one ear.

Worked fine.

dale, kg5u

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