[CQ-Contest] Callsigns showing DXCC country

Tree tree at loja.kkn.net
Tue Dec 3 10:20:54 EST 2002

Many contests score QSO points based upon the DXCC country of the station
you are working.  Many other gives multipliers for working different DXCC
countries.  Most contests do not include the DXCC country as part of the

This results in the unwritten requirement that callsigns need to properly 
indicate the DXCC country.  Anything less causes confusion and problems
during the log checking/scoring process.

With the adoption of the Cabrillo format - the indication of country 
muliplier - or QSO point value is gone.  Therefore, it is up to the log
checking sofware to score the log.  Often, the only information the log
checker has is the callsign to determine the QTH of the station.

The good thing about this is that all logs are scored using a common 
yardstick.  The bad thing is that if the yardstick is wrong, the scoring 
will be wrong.  

I feel strongly that using a confusing callsign in a contest is a selfish
act - done without regard to the amount of problems and extra effort it
will require on the part of the contest sponsors to deal with it.

PLEASE enter contests with a call that indicates your country!!!  To me,
KH6ABC/M6 is someone in Hawaii.  KL2A is in Alaska - and KL2A/7 is 
a very strange concept (sorry to pick on you Jon).  Sure - it is legal
to just sign KL2A - just please don't do it during a contest.

73 Tree N6TR
tree at kkn.net

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