[CQ-Contest] mystery mults -when not sending the /designator (short calls)

k3ft at erols.com k3ft at erols.com
Tue Dec 3 18:25:41 EST 2002

What I do, when that happens and I confirm that the guy is (say) in Hawaii but signing
only K6XXX is I get the proper prefix for KH6 and I log it as K6XXX/KH6. That way it
clears up the confusion, makes a positive ident to me and the log checkers where he was
(based on what I copied, of course!) Plus it may or may not help the log checkers IF
(for some rare and unexplained reason) they have some confusion. I doubt they would..
but at least it's there if it's needed AND it keeps my log from being confused.

Of course, if I can't ident the proper prefix without ambiguity I'll leave it off.

The only  thing I don't log after hte call is the unneeded /QRP UNLESS the contest calls
for it as a scoring item. Then I include it.

Chuck K3FT

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