[CQ-Contest] Non-Iambic keyers???

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Tue Dec 3 15:38:57 EST 2002

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> At 09:38 AM 12/3/02 -0500, Barry wrote:
> >Another tip re "switch hitting" CW:
> >Back in the days before computer logging, I learned to send lefty, so
> >that I could send CW and write at the same time. I found switching
> >the paddle polarity (i.e. thumb paddle still sends dits, lefty) made
> >it a very easy transition.
> About 45 years ago I borrowed a very early electronic keyer from a friend
> -- rather than rewire the paddle, I learned to use it left-handed
> and hence
> backward -- thumb paddle sends dahs.  I've tried and failed to learn
> iambic, and even to switch over to the proper way( thumb dits).  I'm now
> convinced that to make either transition I'd have to do it on the other
> hand, as Jim did.

Some things I learned long ago:

  1) If someone has a mis-wired paddle and you need to use it without
        rewiring it, just reach across it from the back and key as you
        do. With most paddles and adult-sized hands, this is not a problem.

   2) Also, if you have to key with your off-hand (e.g. left handed for a
        normally right-handed person, or vice versa), just do the same
        thing! Reach across the paddle from the rear. Your brain knows
        how to key by pressing with your fingers for "dahs" and thumb
        for "dits", and seems to automatically compensate when you
        switch hands!

        Some of the other ops saw me doing this at PJ2T for CQWW CW,
        and asked about it. (Cable was too short and space limited to the
        right side of the keyboard. Also, didn't expect much paddle use!).
        It's almost automatic, and doesn't require any retraining!

Try it!

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