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> Noone ever works a contest
> from their car.

Oh no?  Sure we do ... I commute about an hour and 15 minutes each way and 
when a contest starts at 00Z, I'm on the road about 2 hours later. Do I try 
to do a CW contest seriously from the pickup? Hell, no. But will I get on and 
make some QSO's? You better believe it. With my schedule sometimes that's the 
only operating time I can get in.

BTW, a small digital recorder works just fine for logging. 'Course you have 
to transcribe it later, but it's better than trying to steer, watch for 
traffic, handle the mic, tune the radio, and write a log all at the same time 
...  :>)

de Bill, W1HIJ/M6 (That's mobile in CA, not portable in the UK!)

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