[CQ-Contest] working contest from a car

Chuck, NO5W no5w at txucom.net
Wed Dec 4 19:33:27 EST 2002

Ken --

Due to family commitment during SSCW this year I had to be in Louisiana for
a wedding reception. After attending that event I was able to get in some of
the contest on Sunday afternoon from the car -- actually I think my signal
was better from the mobile than from the home QTH and I was a little rarer
in LA than STX -- not much of course due to W5WMU/N6TR!

Made sure I didn't cross back into STX until the contest was over -- to
avoid Richard's problem.

Try it,

73, Chuck, NO5W

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>Ken wrote..."No one ever works a contest from their car."

One year during the ARRL 10M Contest, Susan and I were driving from New
York to Texas with a TS440. During the trip I worked the 10M Contest from
13 different states and sent a log in for each.

It was great fun and I actually won a certificate as high scoring single-op
from South Carolina. The biggest problem we had was with changing states
and then convincing the people we were calling that we were not a dup.

73, Richard

k5na at texas.net

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