[CQ-Contest] Who says people don't contest from their cars!

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj at tampabay.rr.com
Wed Dec 4 22:29:24 EST 2002

At 18:03 12/3/02 -0500, you wrote:

>>Ken wrote..."No one ever works a contest from their car."

I beg to differ!

As a matter of fact some of us do it in State QSO parties to ensure all 
counties are active, like the Florida contest Group does for the Florida 
QSO Party each year - offering stations a chance to sweep the 67 
counties - the results are not quite out yet but it looks like a 
European station may have indeed done just that thanks to the mobilers!.

Two significant contact totals you might be interested in:

N4TO (+K1TO) Mobile - 2001 FQP >2000 QSOs (all but a handful on CW)

K4FCG (N4KM + K4OJ) Mobile - 2001 FQP >1800 QSOs (less than a dozen on SSB)

Both mobile stations used Icom706es and either screwdriver or hamstick 

Not bad for a 20 hour contest (averages of prox 100/Hr and 90/Hr 

....also, I hate to let the cat out of the bag but - this is really fun! 
 In the FQP crossing a county line for the mobiles is like suddenly 
showing up in North Korea - the pileups when you hit the new counties 
are fast and furious...

SO, sometimes people do work contests form their cars... check out 
K8MR's piece on mobiling in NCJ last year...


Jim, K4OJ

[this was not an FQP ad - I promised to wait until January on that]

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