[CQ-Contest] Need 6800 asmblr & bad 2m or HF XCVR. de VY1JA

J. Allen jallen at internorth.com
Wed Dec 4 19:16:05 EST 2002

For my work toward setting up for EME contesting a couple of things will
help me quite a bit.

1.  The loan of a 6800 assembler, preferably with a dissassembler.

2.  Someone willing to sell me an all mode 2m or HF transceiver with working
receiver section, but the transmit section can be dead.  If it is the HF
general coverage type of receiver, it will also act as a troubleshooting
tool, to keep my current HF transceiver working right.

Please contact J. Allen directly at:

jallen at internorth.com
or (867)633-4249  (leave a message and tell me when to phone back)

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