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I did SSCW from my motor home this year with a hustler mobil whip ,  767 &
Sweep.  Not like having antenna's but what I had from the Illinois section.
Some got it correct and Maybe some missed the sect. The VY1 Q was the easy
one,  KL7 THE LAST.


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> > Noone ever works a contest
> > from their car.
> >
> Oh no?  Sure we do ... I commute about an hour and 15 minutes each way and
> when a contest starts at 00Z, I'm on the road about 2 hours later. Do I
> to do a CW contest seriously from the pickup? Hell, no. But will I get on
> make some QSO's? You better believe it. With my schedule sometimes that's
> only operating time I can get in.
> BTW, a small digital recorder works just fine for logging. 'Course you
> to transcribe it later, but it's better than trying to steer, watch for
> traffic, handle the mic, tune the radio, and write a log all at the same
> ...  :>)
> de Bill, W1HIJ/M6 (That's mobile in CA, not portable in the UK!)
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