[CQ-Contest] Who says people don't contest from their cars!

Don Cassel doncassel at compuserve.com
Thu Dec 5 09:26:24 EST 2002

Whenever I'm in Florida I try to work a few contests from my mobile with an
FT-100 and Hamstick antennas. Operating as VE3BUC/W4 I have worked the ARRL
Int. DX both SSB and CW. Took first place for LP in South Florida which
rather surprised me. Also have worked the ARRL Rtty RU, CQ WW Rtty WPX,
NAQP SSB, BARTG Rtty, Field Day, FQP, and the RAC Winter contest.

The key to this is to go in with the attitude to have some fun. High scores
are not in the agenda. All operation is done parked, usually by a beach, and
using a deep cycle battery for power so I don't need to have the car's
engine running. I also use the laptop for logging and interfaces for CW and


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