[CQ-Contest] Short calls-the solution

Mike Gilmer, N2MG n2mg at eham.net
Thu Dec 5 10:27:10 EST 2002

This is the first "valid" argument (IMO) for going with the 1X1 call.  
With seemingly all the "good" KH2 calls being taken by people who are 
NOT on Guam, I suppose that was the best choice.  Too bad.  It still 

BTW, the ops were apparently 3 JAs.  http://www.cpcug.org/user/wfeidt/Misc/cqc2002.html

I guess they didn't want to operate as KH2/7M4KRX  ;-)

Mike N2MG

K1MK wrote:
> K1EP wrote: 
> >It's his loss.  Somehow sending an extra letter, e.g. KH2G 
> > seems worth it to me.
> In this case it was a temporary call. So the "cost" might 
> be higher than just a single letter. Would having to send 
> KH2/AA9WZ instead of K2G still seem to be worth it?
> As long as the contest rules allow the choice, it's just 
> one more variable element in coming up with a winning strategy.

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