[CQ-Contest] Misleading Calls

Mike Gilmer, N2MG n2mg at eham.net
Fri Dec 6 17:34:58 EST 2002

ZF2NT wrote:
> One more comment on callsigns, if anybody can stand more 
> of this.
Hey, we can never get enough of a good thing. ;-)

> I have begged this guy to let me log him as KH6DX/W6, 
> and he absolutely refuses to allow it.  

Not for nothing, but why do you need his permission? It's 
your log.

> He insists on either sending his call as is, or /M, even 
> though he gives CA as his state.  So after all the time 
> spent arguing with him, I logged it as he sent it.  

This is another case of something not being black or white. 
I would log whatever I thought it would take to get the 
contact accepted.

All that said, with that evidence, I would respectfully 
petition the ARRL to learn "who is where" before they start 
dinging people.  I'm sure their log checking can learn 
to adapt to these indeterminate callsigns by checking the 
"state" from the exchange.  (DX#1 station works DX#2, DX#2 
did not send power, but instead sent a "State", so then 
check DX#2's call against valid US calls; if valid US call,
log DX#2 as a valid DX-to-US QSO.)

The fact that the checking seemingly ignores the "state" 
runs counter to the idea that we "copy what is sent".  
Seems like they are forcing us to log whatever makes the 
log checking happy.  IMO, that shouldn't be.

Mike N2MG

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