[CQ-Contest] Misleading Calls

Michael Tope W4EF at dellroy.com
Fri Dec 6 18:21:28 EST 2002

Well he is definitely in California, Bruce. I have seen his dually pick-up
with the 160 meter bugcatcher out at HRO in Burbank.

Why do you need his permission to log him as /W6? Seems like
you should be able to log him any way you want.

73 de Mike, W4EF..[oops - I mean W4EF/6

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> One more comment on callsigns, if anybody can stand more of this.
> I just stumbled onto my log checking report on the ARRL web site from the
> ARRL DX contest last February.  Here are two "busted" QSO's, along with
> original entry in my log:
> LOG:  160CW  16-Feb-02 07:14 1194  KH6DX          599  599 Ca
> LCR:  KH6DX is a DX callsign - being set as a dupe - 160M Line # 1194
> LOG:  80CW  16-Feb-02 09:09 1444  KH6DX/M        599  599 Ca
> LCR:  KH6DX/M is a DX callsign - being set as a dupe -  80M Line # 1443
> I have begged this guy to let me log him as KH6DX/W6, and he absolutely
> refuses to allow it.  He insists on either sending his call as is, or /M,
> even though he gives CA as his state.  So after all the time spent arguing
> with him, I logged it as he sent it.  Obviously, the ARRL won't accept
> There's no way to win with this guy!  I wonder, if the roles were
> if ARRL would also kick out K2G as a DX call for people in US/VE?
> Bruce, ZF2NT
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