[CQ-Contest] Misleading Calls

Allan & Bridget dxcc at dbtech.net
Fri Dec 6 22:42:27 EST 2002

KH6DX/M also runs portable in other states...he's the reason I have South
Dakota and North Dakota confirmed on 160m.  =)

I know that the log checkers don't care, but his cards DO say mobile
"whatever" (in my case Mobile W0...he's also sent me a card for our /W6
contact as well).  I think the main point is that he has a VERY good signal
for a mobile station on 160m and he's quite proud of his mobile
accomplishments (tie this in with the mobile contesting thread if you wish),
although I do understand the frustration.  Since I came into ham radio in
1994 I guess very little surprises me any longer, although I have to admit
that my heart did stop a bit when I heard AH6LE come back to my CQ on 6m a
couple of years ago...about 339 or so in AL, so surely he was going to be in
HI, right?  He was in Oregon.  =)

Bridget, KS4YT
Obviously not in the contest this weekend

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