[CQ-Contest] Misleading Calls

David A. Pruett k8cc at comcast.net
Fri Dec 6 23:20:52 EST 2002

We have encountered this same situation with KH6DX in checking the ARRL 
160M and 10M logs.  To the best of my knowledge, we've never dinged anyone 
for this.

To be honest, I was not aware of the ARRL contest rule (which someone 
quoted here) stating that your callsign must accurately indicate your DXCC 
country.  We have never enforced this in checking ARRL 160M and 10M.

In both ARRL 160M and 10M we have the section field to let us determine 
where KH6DX/M is located.  This is all that really matters in these 
contests, not whether he's signing /W6, /M, or whatever.  Also, if KH6DX 
submits a log, then the logcheckers truly know where he is.  I would hope 
that QSOs don't get thrown out under those conditions.

N2MG's comment that logcheckers should know where people are simply is not 
practical.  While we can read the DX bulletins and be aware of the big 
expeditions, there are always unannounced operations, or operations by 
people that aren't advertised.  The purpose of computerized logchecking is 
to treat everything equally, and specialized manual handling negates this.

Until you get involved with logchecking, a lot of the situations you'll run 
into simply don't occur to you.  We're trying to apply an exact process 
(checking QSOs) to what, in many cases, is incomplete or erroneous sets of 
data.  Liberal doses of judgement is required, but unless there is clear 
data to the contrary, the entrant must be given the benefit of the doubt.


At 05:51 PM 12/6/02 +0000, Bruce B. Sawyer wrote:
>One more comment on callsigns, if anybody can stand more of this.
>I just stumbled onto my log checking report on the ARRL web site from the
>ARRL DX contest last February.  Here are two "busted" QSO's, along with the
>original entry in my log:
>LOG:  160CW  16-Feb-02 07:14 1194  KH6DX          599  599 Ca
>LCR:  KH6DX is a DX callsign - being set as a dupe - 160M Line # 1194
>LOG:  80CW  16-Feb-02 09:09 1444  KH6DX/M        599  599 Ca
>LCR:  KH6DX/M is a DX callsign - being set as a dupe -  80M Line # 1443
>I have begged this guy to let me log him as KH6DX/W6, and he absolutely
>refuses to allow it.  He insists on either sending his call as is, or /M,
>even though he gives CA as his state.  So after all the time spent arguing
>with him, I logged it as he sent it.  Obviously, the ARRL won't accept that.
>There's no way to win with this guy!  I wonder, if the roles were reversed,
>if ARRL would also kick out K2G as a DX call for people in US/VE?
>Bruce, ZF2NT
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