[CQ-Contest] Misleading Calls

Michael Keane, K1MK k1mk at arrl.net
Sat Dec 7 10:19:13 EST 2002

At 11:20 PM 12/6/02, "David A. Pruett" wrote:

>To be honest, I was not aware of the ARRL contest rule (which someone 
>quoted here) stating that your callsign must accurately indicate your DXCC 
>country.  We have never enforced this in checking ARRL 160M and 10M.

The precise wording of the rule in question is specific to the ARRL 
International DX Competition.

There is no analogous rule for the ARRL 160M contest. And the rule for the 
10M is subtlety different:

   6.2. Your call sign must indicate your DXCC country if competing as DX.

Which suggests that KH6DX/m is acceptable in the ARRL 10M contest but would 
runs afoul of the rule in the ARRL DX test that says:

   6.1. Your call sign must indicate your DXCC station location.

Mike K1MK

Michael Keane K1MK
k1mk at arrl.net

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