[CQ-Contest] Sectional Problems. de VY1JIA

J. Allen jallen at internorth.com
Sun Dec 8 20:18:25 EST 2002

Be careful what you wish for... You may just get it

In my original e-mail and the follow-up with a representative in RAC and a
rep in ARRL, the wrote only that YT, NU and NT (or NWT if they prefer)
should ALL be equally accepted by the contest rules for the section which
ARRL calls NWT.

The reasons for not separating, YT/NU/NT are obvious if anyone wants to
continue getting clean sweep cups... There simply are not enough ACTIVE
contest operators in these areas to merit three separate sections.

Perhaps there are in MAR, but I would suggest that it still be kept as a
single section, and that the software on ARRL's end can easily be adjusted
to accommodate standard two letter postal abbreviations or similar from each
political entity, like accepting YT, NU, and NT, equally from us in the

I say this again because it is very important... Please, for YOUR sakes, if
anything, press ARRL and/or RAC to keep YT/NU/NT together, and just accept
individual names equally.

Remember... For many contests, I have been the only one on from our section
and as a result, I miss the sweep.  Bottom line... If I cannot find another
YT/NU/NT station from up here, the difficulty of finding that last section
for the general SS ops can only be imagined.

If you choose to support us in this, do it in such a way that it does not
destroy a good contest.  Let's just go with the simplest solution.  Let
software and contest rules be user friendly.


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