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Paul D. Schrader n4xm at iglou.com
Sun Dec 8 19:26:30 EST 2002


The QST announcement on page 114 of the November 2002 issue
says 160meters at arrl.org.  Is that wrong also since it is plural, not 160meter?
Anyway I can't get it to work.


Paul  N4XM

At 01:29 PM 12/8/02 -0500, you wrote:
>Beware - there's a bug in the rules on www.arrl.org. The text
>gives the address for logs as 160meter at arrl.org but if you
>pick up the hyperlink, the log goes instead to the address for 
>the 10 meter contest, and the Robot quite rightly rejects it. 
>I should have simply typed in the address rather than relied on
>the 'technology' of the hyperlink ;-)
>Dave G4BUO
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