[CQ-Contest] Misleading callsigns

Doug McDuff w4ox at bellsouth.net
Mon Dec 9 04:19:25 EST 2002

At 12:48 12/8/02 -0500, Mike Gilmer, N2MG wrote:
> > Once again, IF you work a KG4 with a 2 letter suffix, such as KG4DX,
> > it is GITMO!!!!
> >
> > If you work a KG4 with a 3 letter prefix, such as KG4XYZ, it is the
> > 4th district of the
> > USA.
>In general, yes, but assuming I've learned anything from this thread, a call
>like KG4XYZ guarantees nothing about where he might be in the US - he might
>be in W5...in fact, he might be on Guam or in Alaska and it follows he could
>be in Guantanamo as well. ;-)

Not likely, as Gitmo calls are not issued by the FCC but rather through the 
Navy.  So, to legitimately operate from Gitmo, you should have a 2 letter 

73, Doug W4OX & KG4OX

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