[CQ-Contest] Proposal for Major Changes in Rules of LZ DX Contest 2003

Georgek5kg at aol.com Georgek5kg at aol.com
Sun Dec 8 12:58:05 EST 2002


I have not participated in the LZ contest in the past, so I don't know how 
your new rules differ from the previous ones.  Can you pse tell us that?

I find the country-specific contests effective if they use their country 
regions/districts/states as multipliers [like the Helvetia Contest (HB9) uses 
cantons].    I also think that extra credit should be given for low band 

Here are my suggestion for the LZ contest:

1.)  Use the LZ districts as multipliers rather than ITU zones.  Present 
special awards to stations working all LZ districts.

2.)  Limit contacts to LZ stations only, else your contest becomes just 
another DX contest.  

3.)  Give a 2x or 3x point multiplier for 80 and 40 meter contacts.

Just my two-cents worth!

73, George, k5kg

George I. Wagner, K5KG
Productivity Resources LLC
941-312-9460 fax
201-415-6044 cell

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