[CQ-Contest] SS CW Conclusions

john-k1rc at juno.com john-k1rc at juno.com
Mon Dec 9 18:55:20 EST 2002

As if we needed a reminder...

Additional conclusion..... We don't need to be told we're getting older.

On my last birthday, my XYL had the fire dept standing by outside,
when the candles were lit....  She used my propane torch to light them,
so the first candles wouldn't burn out before the last ones were
She also took the batts. out of the smoke alarms in the kitchen so they 
wouldn't go off.....

heh heh,
John K1RC

>Great Data on 1986/87 vs 2002 check info (year first licensed).  The
>strongly suggest that a large number of the SS contesters in 2002 were
>same very people as were in the 1986/87 contest.  Since the 2002 contest
>15 years later, those same people are 15 years older.  Conclusion,
>are getting older.

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