[CQ-Contest] Re: Yaesu FT1000mp Mark V Key Clicks

Bill Fisher, W4AN w4an at CONTESTING.COM
Tue Dec 10 11:04:51 EST 2002

You know what... this is an excellent idea.  I will write an application
to do it.  I'll post a link on www.contesting.com.  I'll make it so your
post can be anonymous or not with date, time, band, and comments fields.  
The most complained about stations (top-10 USA and top-10 Europe) can be
featured on CQ-Contest once per month for their efforts.  :)

FWIW, I just received a note that my station was clicking in the CQWW CW
contest.  The operator had brought up two of his FT-1000MPs, which
explains the complaint.  Going forward I'm going to insist that MPs are
not used at my station or that they have been fixed per the W8JI
modification (which works).  I've replaced my MPs with Kenwood radios to
solve the problem.


Bill, W4AN

On Tue, 10 Dec 2002, Ron Wetjen wrote:

> Bill Fisher, W4AN wrote:
> > And, why should it?  They produce a really wide signal so that nobody can
> > get close to them and then have a competitive advantage.
> Some EU stations are good at this as well.  Have been the recipient many 
> times ... always while I'm running ... they'll park themselves near by, 
> making 5 kcs either side of them just about useless for anyone else.
> I NEVER hear their signal ... just their "clicks".
> If "peer pressure" works, maybe we need to start making a list of these 
> guys and post them after each contest.
> Ron

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