[CQ-Contest] Re: Yaesu FT1000mp Mark V Key Clicks

Ron Wetjen wd4ahz at gte.net
Tue Dec 10 12:10:38 EST 2002

Bill Fisher, W4AN wrote:

> You know what... this is an excellent idea.  I will write an application
> to do it.  I'll post a link on www.contesting.com.  I'll make it so your
> post can be anonymous or not with date, time, band, and comments fields.  
> The most complained about stations (top-10 USA and top-10 Europe) can be
> featured on CQ-Contest once per month for their efforts.  :)

Sounds like a plan!  We can start with the 10 Meter Contest this weekend!

Another solution, would be to send "real" signal reports ... appending a 
"K" to the report - i.e., 5NNK ... although, can you be a "tone 9" with 
Key Clicks?  It's possible some folks don't know ... because no one has 
ever told them!

I think I might program an "F key" - 5N8K ... just in case!


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