[CQ-Contest] NWT

Tree tree at loja.kkn.net
Tue Dec 10 13:23:20 EST 2002

One of the things Cabrillo is helping with is standardization of the
information submitted - so that we can improve the quality of the
results (like making sure your QRP log ends up in the QRP category).

One of the things that makes this easy is always calling something by
the same name, not three different names.

When the robot was programmed to check the ARRL-SECTION: entry in your
Cabrillo header, I suspect the programmer used the following reference
for the valid entries:


This clearly shows NWT as the abbreviation for the "section" known as
"Northwest Territories/Yukon/Nunavut".

Allowing it to be called anything else will result in confusion.  The 
robot is doing its job by alerting you to the problem in real time
so that you can fix it with a quick edit to your file.  I realize 
that some might not like the NWT designation - but I would suggest 
they need to take this up with whomever made up that list on the 
ARRL web site - not the robot author.

73 Tree N6TR
tree at kkn.net

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