[CQ-Contest] Re: Yaesu FT1000mp Mark V Key Clicks

Marijan Miletic, S56A artinian at siol.net
Fri Dec 13 22:08:11 EST 2002

YAESU is notorious for missing a single resistor at the right place!
Speaker clicks after headphones are unplugged could be solved with a
parallel 100 Ohms.   Poor CW shaping could be solved by adding 10 kOhms
resistor in the base of Q1019 2SC2812 NPN keying transistor.  W8JI used
additional capacitance on C1216 and redundant network on C2148.  He was
warned that the result would be too soft but one doesn't notice that on 160
m DX...

73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU

I did notice the same, too soft. I did change
some component value to get a steeper rise
however I don´t remember what values I did use,
sorry about that, it works good now.
If you hear me on CW you might comment to me how
you find the keying.

73 Jim SM2EKM

PS: I use a 1000D

Zoli Pitman HA1AG wrote:
>>I believe George told me that hechose the
>>components he did because the mod would render super high
>>speed CW hard to copy because of the longer rise time.
> Amen to that. I did Tom's mod in the lab and it provided the perfect
solution in terms of bandwidth reduction.
> However my QRQ buddies started to complain about my too soft keying
claiming  my dots and dashes sounded like
> washed together. After listening to it on the air myself I removed the
mod. I plan to revisit the issue and
> choose components to give somewhat steeper rise.
> 73,
> Zoli HA1AG

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