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Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mb.sympatico.ca
Sat Dec 14 08:15:48 EST 2002

Comments below...
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>Sure would be nice with no master.dat and no
>post contest editing of the QSO file. When the
>48 hours are up the QSO file should lock itself
>and only the CQWW people should be able to open
>it, with a few rule changes in addition to that
>it would bring back the fun to CQWW.
>I propes these things to be changed:

>1. No master dat allowed

VE4XT - No problem with that.

>2. No post editing of contest file

VE4XT - Unrealistic, unless every contester takes typing classes and every
logging program becomes 100 per cent bug free, which none are. I'm not
suggesting it's OK to do things like tape a contest and then scrub the log
for copying errors, but you should have the freedom to fix things like a
broken multiplier (the equivocal callsign thing again), fix honest typos
(it's not a typing contest, remember) and apply the fixes from the CTRL-N
notes that you made during the contest. That's fair.

>3. SO2R and SO1R should be separated

VE4XT - Single operators are single operators. That some are better single
operators than others doesn't mean they should be punished. We should not be
advocating disincentives to excellence.

>4. QSO scoring should be the same in every
    continent since it´s a WW contest. It is
    far from fair to have 2 points in NA for
    intercontinental QSO´s and not in all other

VE4XT - No comment on this one.

73 Jim SM2EKM

Tree wrote:
> Would it be possible to opt out of being in the MASTER.DTA file?
> Perhaps someone can setup a web site to allow this.
> I would prefer my callsigns not be included in this database.  Sorry,
> I just prefer for people to use their ears.
> 73 Tree N6TR / K7RAT
> tree at kkn.net

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