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Date. 21-23 UT, December 20, 2002. Two independent one hour
competitions: 21-22 UT and 22-23 UT. Final contest score is sum of
scores of both competitions.

Band. 160 meter band.

Modes. CW and FONE.

Participants. Hams from Europe and Asia.

Entries. Single OP (operator born in 1984 or later), Single OP (all
others), Multi OP (all operators born in 1984 or later), Multi OP (all
others). Only MIXED (CW and SSB) entry.

Exchange. RS(Т) and serial number starting with 001 (in each one hour
competition one starts with 001). In addition one should send "square"
identification of his QTH. Squares are formed by parallels and
meridians in 10 degrees steps. They are marked by letters and figures.
Stations located between 10 degrees West and Greenwich meridian use
letter Х, between Greenwich and 10 degrees East use letter Y, between
10 and 20 degrees East - letter Z, between 20 and 30 degrees East -
letter A, between 30 and 40 degrees East - letter B,
between 40 and 50 degrees East - letter C,
between 50 and 60 degrees East - letter D,
between 60 and 70 degrees East - letter E,
between 70 and 80 degrees East - letter F, 
between 80 and 90 degrees East - letter G,
between 90 and 100 degrees East - letter H,
between 100 and 110 degrees East - letter I,
between 110 and 120 degrees East - letter J,
between 120 and 130 degrees East - letter K,
between 130 and 140 degrees East - letter L,
between 140 and 150 degrees East - letter M,
between 150 and 160 degrees East - letter N,
between 16 and 170 degrees East - letter 0,
between 170 and 180 degrees East - letter P,
between 180 and 170 degrees West - letter Q. 

Stations located
North of 80 degrees use figure 1, between 70 and 80 degrees - figure 2,
between 60 and 70 degrees - figure 3,
between 50 and 60 degrees - figure 4,
between 40 and 50 degrees - figure 5,
between 30 and 40 degrees - figure 6/
Examples: Most of the United Kingdom is in X4 square (small
part of UK East of Greenwich is in Y4 square), most of Finland is in
A3 square, Japan is located in L6, M5 and M6 squares. The contest
exchange looks like 599001/X4 or 59003/A3 etc.

Points. For QSO inside own square one gets 1 point (including contacts
with own QTH). QSO with neighbouring squares brings 2 points, QSO with
next to neighbouring squares brings 3 points and so on. Example: QSO
between most of Finland (A3 square) and UK brings 4 (X4 square) or 3
points (Y4 square). The map showing "squares" may downloaded from
www.radio.ru/cq/contest/rule/map-2.gif . There is no multiplier in
this contest. Final score is sum of scores of both one hour

Prizes and certificates. Winners will be awarded with plaques and/or
medals. Country and Russia regions winners will get "Radio" Magazine
certificates. Although it is only MIXED entry in this contest best
single mode stations - CW and SSB stations will also get "Radio"
Magazine certificates.

Logs. Electronic logs to contest at radio.ru . Paper logs to "Radio"
Magazine, Seliverstov per. 10, Moscow 107045, Russia.

> Boris, RU3AX
> mail to: ru3ax at radio.ru

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