[CQ-Contest] Re: Anti MASTER.DTA + more

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mb.sympatico.ca
Sun Dec 15 10:12:31 EST 2002

Shelby, it's not a typing contest. If you copy VE4XT but your finger
straddles 4 and 5 when you type and it's logged before you notice it, don't
you have the right to change it from VE45XT or VE54XT to VE4XT? (TR, for
example, only lets you edit five QSOs back real-time.)

Similarly, if your .cty file isn't up to date before the contest (remember,
this isn't computer science class) and you notice, as we did yesterday, that
D88S is misclaimed as Korea, should you not have the right to post edit so
the multiplier is correct?

Most loggers don't give you access real-time to the multiplier field, so you
must correct it after the contest. Here's another example of an honest
post-edit: our logger, for some as-yet unknown reason, won't recognize AK or
HI. Yet we worked them, logged them as best we could, with side notes to
indicate required fixes. Should we be denied credit? I think not. It's a
little anal, I think, to require someone to shut down a 300-Q rate, log onto
k1ea, download the .cty and .sec and upload to the operating computer before

Should we be denied the right to know our true claimed score? I think not.

Why, prithee tell, should this be any different than the paper log days,
when nobody seemed to object to clarifications of poor penmanship? It wasn't
a penmanship contest. Few people would have argued that the squiggle between
V and 4XT wasn't intended to be an E.

Where post editing takes a quantum leap across the line is when someone is
scanning the "claimed scores" listing and realizes that the K4JW who gave a
serial number of 2467 in the dying minutes of the contest isn't on the
claimed score list, but K4WW who finished with 2475 is and then changes it.

Similarly, looking up AI6V on Ham-Call and realizing he couldn't have been
in SB and changing it to EB (or whatever it should be) is also wrong.

The point of logging is to accurately reflect what happened ON THE RADIO,
not how well you manipulate computers. If you did work VE4XT and you did
copy VE4XT and his exchange correctly, it's not wrong to make it appear that
way in the log. It's when you worked VE4XT but think you worked VE4DM and
logged VE4DM then your log should reflect that you busted the call.

The point of logging is not to see how good a typist you are.

These are RADIO contests, not computer contests. If they were, why bother
with antenna farms? If what you want are typing contests, go to secretarial
school. They'll give you more typing contests than you can handle.

Also, if you're going to "lock" the QSO file at contest end, you can kiss
Cabrillo goodbye. Cabrillo itself is a form of post-editing. While you may
be able to "lock" the .bin, you can't lock the .cbr as it's just a text

73, kelly

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> "Kelly Taylor" <ve4xt at mb.sympatico.ca> wrote: "VE4XT - Unrealistic, unless
> every contester takes typing classes and every
> logging program becomes 100 per cent bug free, which none are. I'm not
> suggesting it's OK to do things like tape a contest and then scrub the log
> for copying errors, but you should have the freedom to fix things like a
> broken multiplier (the equivocal callsign thing again), fix honest typos
> (it's not a typing contest, remember) and apply the fixes from the CTRL-N
> notes that you made during the contest. That's fair."
> Please define the difference in "typos" and "incorrect information"? If
> "copy it correctly, but enter in incorrectly..then it's not correct"! Each
> contest has an established "time frame", and, IMHO, any/all editing should
> be done within that time frame! I really see on difference in "post
> editing" and "pre contest editing", and that certainly isn't allowed?
> All that being said...Happy Holidays to all.
> Shelby, K4WW
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