[CQ-Contest] Clicks - last one I promise.

Bill Fisher, W4AN w4an at CONTESTING.COM
Wed Dec 18 12:46:11 EST 2002

Just got a note from K4BAI chastising me for my earlier comments on his
MP, which in fact DOES have the W8JI modification installed.  My apologies
again to John.

In the past when someone would tell me that I was clicking or was wide, I
always assumed they had their noise blanker on or some other user error on
their end.  These days, I'm more sensative to bad signal reports in light
of all the documented problems with current radios.  

This one report may have been a problem on the receiving station's end.  
It might have been a temporary problem with the amplifier tuning on our
end, or some other thing I'm not capable of comprehending.  The point is
that one report does not make your radio bad or good (depending on the
report).  Since John did have the W8JI mod, I would tend to think it was
on the receiving station's end.  At least until I get a 2nd report of
clicks.  Then I will start looking at the amp.


Bill, W4AN

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