[CQ-Contest] Clicks - last one I promise.

Mark Beckwith mark at concertart.com
Wed Dec 18 13:07:58 EST 2002

Can't help but think a scope on the amp output would tell you for sure if
you had clicks.

This is not meant to be a lofty statement or sound holier-than-thou or
anything, but at N5OT we always have a scope on the output, and:

1. we think we know what a good signal looks like
2. we always try to keep our signal looking good

I also may not know what I'm talking about and I would not know if it was
possible for a signal to look good on the scope and sound crappy.  Anyone?

Still, wouldn't a scope on the output of the radio in question tell you once
and for all if your waveform was good or bad?  From what I remember, you can
see clicks on the scope in the form of a suboptimal waveform characterized
by a sharp cutoff at the end of the "make."

Appliance operators rule.

Mark, N5OT

BTW this scope was $50 at the swapmeet and is a Central Electronics Signal
Analyzer from the 60s.  Also have a couple old heathkits and an old Yaesu.

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> Just got a note from K4BAI chastising me for my earlier comments on his
> MP, which in fact DOES have the W8JI modification installed.  My apologies
> again to John.
> In the past when someone would tell me that I was clicking or was wide, I
> always assumed they had their noise blanker on or some other user error on
> their end.  These days, I'm more sensative to bad signal reports in light
> of all the documented problems with current radios.
> This one report may have been a problem on the receiving station's end.
> It might have been a temporary problem with the amplifier tuning on our
> end, or some other thing I'm not capable of comprehending.  The point is
> that one report does not make your radio bad or good (depending on the
> report).  Since John did have the W8JI mod, I would tend to think it was
> on the receiving station's end.  At least until I get a 2nd report of
> clicks.  Then I will start looking at the amp.
> 73
> Bill, W4AN
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