[CQ-Contest] Clicks - last one I promise.

Bob Patten n4bp at netzero.net
Wed Dec 18 13:54:13 EST 2002

Bill Fisher, W4AN wrote:

>Just got a note from K4BAI chastising me for my earlier comments on his
>MP, which in fact DOES have the W8JI modification installed.  My apologies
>again to John.
Bill, I know you feel that the W8JI mod does a better job than the Int'l 
Radio version.  With all the recent discussion about key clicks from the 
FT-1000 series, and having myself received one or two reports of clicks 
from my FT-1000MP over the years, I did some reading up on both of the 
mods.  My choice was the Int'l Radio mod, partially due to its relative 
ease in installation, and partially from the specs I was reading about 
both mods.  I completed the mod just yesterday and haven't made any 
comparisons other than to listen to my transmitter on a separate 
receiver before and after the mod (no scope readily available).
Anyhow, I feel I should have made at least some improvement to mine and 
will not panic the next time I receive a report of clicks, rather I will 
more likely attribute it to receiver setup or overload at the remote 
end.  I DO want to put out a clean signal.

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